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Freedom Of Information Links

Freedom Of Information Act

Summary Of The Freedom Of Information Act

Freedom Of Information Act

FOI Act - Section 45 Code of practice

Freedom Of Information Act - Guides

ICO Robust Approach to FOI/ EIR Complaint Cases

Environmental Information Act

Summary of the EIR

Environmental Information Regulations 2004

EIR Code Of  Practice

EIR Guides

Campaign For Freedom Of Information’s Guide to FOIA and EIR

Defra’s FOIA / EIR hints for practitioners

LB Hillingdon

LBH’s Freedom Of Information Complaints Procedure

Hillingdon-Watch  complaints to ICO

Information requests made to LB Hillingdon via the “WhatDoTheyKnow web site

Other FOI /EIR Links

Your right to know - Heather Brooke

Campaign For Freedom Of Information

FOI News

Information Commissioner’s Office