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Hillingdon Homes

Hillingdon Homes is the Council’s Arms Length Management Company (ALMO) set up in April 2003 by LB Hillingdon to run its Council housing.  Its board includes  tenants and leaseholders.  It was set up following a government initiative which enabled it to receive 60 million towards improving the quality of the housing stock. 

The Council has stated in reference to Hillingdon Homes that:

 “ ..services have continuously improved and tenant and leaseholder satisfaction have increased

Hillingdon Homes performs well when measured  against the national Best Value indicators for housing management. Particularly when benchmarked against London comparators.  For the year ending 2007/08, 80% (12 out of 10) of Hillingdon Homes performance indicators were in the top quartile for London authorities with no indicators in the bottom quartile

In spite of this, the Council intend to dissolve Hillingdon Homes and bring its functions back in-house.  

Hillingdon Watch are concerned that the Council’s decision process is flawed and wrote an open letter to  Cllr Philip Corthorne the Cabinet Member for Social Services, Health and Housing on 11th Jan 2010 with a number of concerns.

Click here to see his reply and here to read the follow up e-mail from Hillingdon Watch.

In spite of Philip Corthorne’s detailed response we remain  concerned about this illistration of  the way the Council carries out its business.  A major decision is being made without:

* A proper business plan /formal assessment showing a breakdown of costs and savings

* Any meaningful scrutiny by our elected representatives

* Full consideration of other options

We have asked for detalis of the ongoing consultations with, and survey of, tenants about their preferences.

In the meantime David Munroe, a Council tenant, has written to the Council questioning the legality of the consultation process