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Icelandic Banks - Supporting Links

To see Treasury Management Strategy of Feb 2008 go to page 148/ 270 of:

To see the Audit Commission Report “English Local Authorities and the Icelandic banks”:

Go to Figure 3 to see timetable of credit rating falls. Please see footnotes for explanation of negative rating outlook.

Please notes that a rating of “A” is equivalent to Fitch’s “F1”. Please refer to

To hear a recording of the Cllr Bianco’s statement claiming that Deloittes had in effect  exonerated the Council please go to
www.hillingdon.gov.uk/media/mp3/f/h/questions2feb2010_1.mp3  and move to slider to 30 minute point.

or click here

To see our information request for a copy of the Deloittes’ report and tha Council’s  belated  reply go to:

To see our request for a copy of the internal audit team’s report

e-mails to Cllr Bianco & the Director of Finance and Resources