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Latest Archive

29th October 2009

Hillingdon electors’ preference for a referendum confirmed by Council’s own consultation exercise but is then ignored. Details

21st October 2009

Council’s plan to decide on new governance model at Nov 5th meeting will be unlawful  see letter to Ray Puddifoot

12th October 2009

Elected Mayor?? Poll shows people prefer Elected Mayor but want decision put to a referendum Details

October 5th 2009

Information Commissioner hints at formal enforcement action over LBH Freedom Of Information failings.  Details

27th September 2009

John Denham Secretary Of State for Communities and Local Government asked to intervene to ensure Hillingdon electors rights.  Details

23rd September 2009

Elected Mayor?? Council give under a month’s notice to residents to submit views on changing the way the Council is run.  Details

16th September 2009

Council expunge critical comments from Council Meeting minutes.  Details

15th September 2009

Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) finds Council to be at fault in dealing with and elderly person. 

Click here to see LGO annual review of complaints against L B Hillingdon.

27th August 2009

Confused signals from Council about new litter campaign. 

Will it concentrate on issuing on-the-spot fines or will it just be another publicity campaign?  Details

27th July 2009

LBH threatened with with court action to force them to clean section of A4

A motorist who was so fed up with the dirty state of the Colnbrook Bypass (A4) gave LBH 5 days notice to clean it up or face an action under Section 91 of the Environmental Protection Act.   Details