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Competence of LBH Legal Services


Fran Beasley, LBH’s Deputy Chief Executive  is responsible for both the Council’s Legal Services and Democratic Services departments.

Hillingdon Watch wrote to her listing six examples of their lack of knowledge of the law, failure to apply the law correctly and their inability to deal with important correspondence. In summary they are as follows:

*  5 years after the Environmental Information Regulations came into force they did not understand what areas of information were covered. 
*  2 years after the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 became law they did not know whether the public had to be consulted about governance changes (Leader or Elected Mayor).

*  The public were unlawfully excluded from part of a Planning Meeting.

*  Their failure to deal with freedom of information enquiries has lead to an investigation of their practices by the Information Commissioner.

* The Borough Solicitor failed to respond to a letter from the Information Commissioner’s Enforcement Officer in a timely manner.  A reply was only sent after 4 months and 5 reminders.

*  The Borough Solicitor has failed to provide the name and e-mail address of the LBH Principal Corporate Lawyer, the person responsible for dealing with Freedom Of Information complaints.

*  He also failed to provide  a full response to issues raised about the Colnbrook By-pass 5 months after he had promised to do so.


In May we wrote again to Ms Beasley siting two further examples of Legal Services failure to competently deal with correspondence  including, once again, their failing to reply in a timely manner to the Information Commissioner whose investigation into LBH’s practices is on going.

Please click here to read the correspondence.