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Ruislip Lido Improvement Programme Presentation
Extract from Minutes Of Ruilsip Lido Management Advisory Group meeting 19th Jan 2010

Cllr Puddifoot, Leader of the Council, explained the background to the  proposed Ruislip Lido Improvement Programme.  He said that it was
one aspect of the Council’s Civic Pride Initiative and that over the next two years the Council will be investing resources to improve and develop facilities at the Lido.
He said that while making the improvements, the Council will ensure that it will maintain the ‘look and feel’ of the Lido and preserve the wildlife and the natural environment.
The Improvement Programme will be considering:
  Options for increasing car parking facilities within the grounds of the Lido are being explored – proposed plan for using scrub land on the site to provide an additional 200 spaces on land previously used for car parking.

  Raising the water at a higher level than in previous years – proposed plans to increase and maintain the water level by 6 to 8 London
inches.  Engineers have been asked to undertake a topographical survey and a flood risk assessment to establish whether Environment Agency criteria can be satisfied.

  Identifying areas where fishing facilities can be improved – at Borough creating a sustainable approach to fishing which does not impact on other facilities such as public bathing.

  New/upgraded toilet and changing facilities – to be installed by the beach area.

  Public Bathing – water quality has been tested and has proven of suitable for public bathing. Installation of demarcation buoys being Hillingon
investigated to provide an outdoor swimming area.  Beach and planted areas to be improved.

  Adult boating and children’s paddle boating – proposals to provide non-motorised adult boats being explored as well as children’s paddle boats in a safe contained area. 

  Miniature Railway – discussions to be had with the Ruislip Lido Railway Group around enhancement of the miniature railway.

  Woodland Centre – installation of a new Woodland Centre building being considered 

  Improvements to the current refreshment facilities – review of current concession site to increase refreshment facilities being considered - discussions to be held with Ruislip Lido Railway Group to ensure no impact on their revenue.

  Improved access to the site with user friendly signage       – to include consideration of bus services via Transport for  London, user friendly signage.

  Security – review of security to include appropriate CCTV and  staff resources

  Contact details –  Lyn Summers on 01895 556640 or on [email address] 

Questions from the floor:
Q - Will the boating proposal include sailing dinghies? 
A - Sailing is possibly better placed at Hillingdon Outdoor Activities
      Centre but sailing dinghies could be a possible option. 
Q - Will the new parking area be closed at night?
A  -Yes, and lighting/CCTV will be installed on the car park 
      access road   
Q – Are there any plans to upgrade the bridleways?
A -  Advice needs to be sought before work can be carried out
      in the woodlands but the whole site will be considered.
Q – How are you sure that the water is good enough to swim in?
A – The water is tested on a regular basis and officers have advised
that raising the levels will improve the quality further.
Q – The Northwood sewer system overflows in heavy rain and 
      dispels sewage into the streams which feed the Lido.  How 
      will you prevent this happening?
A – These issues will be addressed with the water companies directly.
Q - Will you charge for car parking?
A - Initial views  are to make the facility free to residents via the 
      Hillingdon First Card and charging non residents for parking and
of     admission.
Q - Will you be holding a public meeting?

A – This is a possibility as the Programme is developed. In the 
       meantime residents will be updated via Hillingdon People and 
       public events like the Cabinet Roadshows.
Q – There are problems already with the pub clientele such as
       anti-social behaviour, inconsiderate parking, broken glass,    
       noise until the early hours, trespassing and litter that need to
       be dealt with.  Are the Council going to deal with these 
A –  Protecting residents  from anti social behaviour is paramount and 
       Officers will be working on an enforcement agenda with 
       appropriate partners to ensure that these issues are investigated
       and dealt with.
Q – How are the Council going to deal with car parking problems
       that residents of Reservoir and Lakeside Close are already
      experiencing such as blocked drives, blocked access for 
      buses and emergency vehicles
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A –  Parking control issues will be investigated and discussed with
       residents, Emergency Services and Transport for London to 
       ensure appropriate solutions.  
Q – The existing Rangers are doing a wonderful job. Is it within
       the budget to support the existing staff?
A – Appropriate staffing will be reviewed throughout the Improvement
       Programme to ensure adequate resources are in place to 
       maintain and support the increased facilities.
Q - Are you envisaging closing off the gates in the woods?
A - No decisions have been made but all areas will be looked at as 
      part of the security review. 
Q - What will the perimeter be
and what will be fenced off?
A - The boundary at the beach area already exists.  Any changes to
      the boundaries will be looked at as part of the security review.
Q – Is this a proposal or a decision – what if we don’t want the 
       improvements?  London
A -  The whole of the programme is about improvement and we have
       an opportunity to make this an excellent facility for all residents of
       the borough.  A careful approach is needed and it is obvious from 
       the concerns voiced this evening that there are major problems 
       with parking and anti-social behaviour that we need to fix now but
       we have to be clear that this facility is here for all residents and
       not just those that live in adjacent roads.
Q – What about consultation?
A - These proposals are part of an ongoing Improvement Programme
      to upgrade much of our Green and Open spaces and water 
      features. We would appreciate expertise and local knowledge as
      we progress and updates to the Improvement Programme will be
      published in Hillingdon People
Q – Maintaining the balance of wildlife is a real dilemma – we
       don’t want it so full of people that the wildlife is affected so
       how will you make sure this doesn’t happen?
A -  Appropriate advice will be sought to ensure the balance in respect
       of wildlife is maintained.
Q – If boating is provided on a concession basis how will you 
       control prices?
A -  The Council is not proposing these improvements to make a profit
       and any provision of service will need to go through a rigorous
       procurement, open tender process, before any decisions on 
       suppliers are made.
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Suggestions from the Floor:
  The four Residents Associations represented on the MAG are
happy to take forward any resident’s concerns.
  The Council should allocate more staffing to the site 
  Implement a traffic survey in the summer
  Invitation to Cllr Puddifoot to join a litter picking day to see the
extent of the problem.
  Look at noise and pollution impact from more cars and buses
  Look at putting a barrier up in Lakeside Close
  Segregate the pub clientele from the rest of the site.
  Ensure controls are in place