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Rubbish Behind Shops

From: Hillingdon-Watch [mailto:petersilverman@hillingdon-watch.org.uk]
Sent: 28 April 2010 13:39
To: Kathy Sparks (LBH Dep. Dir. Environment & Consumer Protection)
Cc: 'ruislip@a-plan.co.uk'
Subject: Unsightly rubbish - rear of 50 HighSt Ruilsip

Attn Ms K Sparks LB Hillingdon
cc Ms J Roberts , A-Plan Insurance, Ruislip

I was walking along King Edwards Rd, Ruilsip heading for Ruilsip High St and noticed an accumulation of unsightly rubbish at the rear of 50 Ruislip High St.  Please refer to the attached photograph.

I spoke to the one of your operatives who just happened to be emptying the trade waste bin and suggested he might want to report it.  He was most helpful but explained that it was not one of his responsibilities.

I then called on the occupiers, A-Plan Insurance, and spoke to their Joanna Roberts.  She took me out to the back of the shop and agreed that the rubbish was at the rear of their premises. She explained that they always placed their rubbish in the trade waste bin and what was there had been dumped by other people.  The nature of the rubbish which included chunks of tarmac supported what she said.  She felt that as it was beyond their fence line it was not their responsibility.

She went on to say that the issue had been raised with the Council on 3 or 4 occasions by telephone and reference had been made to the sighting of rats.  However, she was not aware that any had been taken by the Council.

I assume responsibility to keep the land free of litter lies with the owner of the driveway who may or may not be easy to identify.

May I ask:

1. What steps have the Council taken to deal with this matter and what further steps do they intend to take?

2. What is the Council’s policy with regard to unsightly rubbish being allowed to accumulate on private land, in particular land at the rear of shops?

3. What legal provisions are available to the Council to deal with such matters.

4. What is the Council’s policy with regard to employees reporting such instances or any other situations they come across which require action by the Council (litter and graffiti etc)

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Silverman
20 Kingsend, Ruislip, HA4 7DA
01895 625770