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Performance Assessments


The 2008 Audit Commission’s Comprehensive Performance Assessments (CPA) of UK councils was published in on 5th March 2009.

They measure how well councils deliver services to local people and communities.

 Hillingdon’s 2 star rating put it  in the bottom 3 of the 33 London boroughs. Only Harringay had a worse assessment.

Over the country as a whole  80% of councils performed better than Hillingdon with 3 and 4 star ratings.

More information about Hillingdon’s performance from the Audit Commission’s web site.


In September 2009  LB Hillingdon’s Auditors, Deloitte’s published their  Use of Resources Report which considers how well the borough is managing and using its resources to deliver value for money.

It is taken into account by the Audit Commission in producing their Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA) which has now replaced their CPA. The summary table in the report gives Hillingdon the following ratings:

Managing finances    3   (exceeds minimum requirements)
Governing the business    2   (meets only minimum requirements)
Managing resources    2
   (meets only minimum requirements)

Within “Managing finances” there is a subsidiary category which was rated as follows:

Understanding costs and achieving efficiencies    2   (meets only minimum requirements).

Other comments made in the report included:

When compared to nearest neighbours, the Council’s costs lie above average in all areas

 “The Audit Commission Value for Money (VFM) profiles indicate that unit costs are higher than average in LBH, and in some areas, such as adult social care, the Council is one of the most expensive.”

In contrast to this in the Nov/Dec People Magazine happily announced:

 “Your Council - Delivering excellent value for money services”

“The most efficient council in London”

“ Independant Auditors have confirmed that Hillingdon is the most efficient Council in London”

Please refer to  Misleading Claims

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