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Ruislip Lido

Council’s improvement programme

Ruislip Lido Plan

E-Mail from Ruislip Lido Residents Group

From: Carolyn Towner <carolyn.towner@tesco.net> 02/02/10 4:21 PM >>>

To; Cllr Mike Cox

Dear Cllr Cox,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Ruislip Lido Residents Group 
regarding the 'proposed' development of Ruislip Lido, in the hope you 
might be able to help us.

We, the local residents, are very much against these proposals for a 
number of reasons.

We already have a huge issue here with traffic, parking and anti-
social behaviour and can only see these 'enhancements' making things 

The majority of the people who live round here and those who use the 
Lido every day like it the way it is, and resent Cllr Puddifoot 
forcing his wishes on us with utter disregard for our opinion.

At a time when the council is by its own admission having to make 
cutbacks in spending and having a pay freeze, we find it very strange 
that there seems to be unlimited finances available for this project.

We also find it extremely strange that 150,000 was spent only last 
summer on the Lido splash pad, to provide a safe place for children to 
play so they would not go into the water, which was, and has been for 
as long as I have lived here, considered to be far too dirty for 
anyone to swim in.

Why then was this money spent for this reason, for now, suddenly, the 
Lido to be considered safe to swim in with the addition of only a few 
plants, that the Environmental Agency have said cannot clean an area 
of water as large and deep as the Lido?

As far as we are aware, no application for planning permission has 
been made, but Cllr Puddifoot talks about these plans in terms of WHEN 
rather than IF they will go ahead.

There is no public consultation scheduled, and it is abundantly clear 
none was ever intended.

The Friends of Ruislip Lido have submitted a number of questions to 
the council which can be seen here

I believe they are still awaiting reply.

And perhaps the issue that angers me the most, is that these decisions 
were made and deliberately kept secret from the local residents, to 
the point of telling councillors and council employees to lie to 
anyone who asked any questions. I was personally told only last month 
by one councillor and a manager of Green Spaces that there was 
'nothing planned for the Lido'.

The local residents of the Ruislip Lido area feel that Cllr Puddifoot 
is indifferent to how any of this affects us, and indeed seems to have 
complete contempt for us, as was quite obvious at the recent Lido MAG 

We are therefore asking if the Hillingdon Liberal Democrats might be 
able to support us in our fight against this development.

Best wishes,

Carolyn Towner


E-mail From Ruislip Lido Residents Group To LB Hillingdon

From: Carolyn Towner [mailto:carolyn.towner@tesco.net]
Sent: 04 February 2010 10:14
To: RuislipLidoEnquiries; Stuart Hunt; Peter Silverman; JBannister@Hillingdon.Gov.UK
Cc: Cllr Philip Corthorne; mcox@hillingdon.gov.uk; hurdn@parliament.uk
Subject: Lido safety

Dear Ms Summers,

A letter from Hillingdon Council dated 8 April 2009 was received by the local residents, dealing with the parking issues near Ruislip Lido.

Your reference for the letter is CF/1/12980 and I attach a scanned copy. We have the letter in hard copy if anybody wishes it.

I will quote paragraph five:

"The Council has received requests from local residents for additional car park spaces within the car park at the end of Reservoir Road or within Ruislip Lido itself. I would like to assure you that detailed investigations have been carried out which have shown that the car park is at full capacity. Studies have also shown that it would be unfeasible to install car park spaces within Ruislip Lido due to safety implications and potential pedestrian conflicts". (bolding mine)

Would it be possible for Cllr Puddifoot, the council and the MAG to please tell us what studies have been done since April that show that it is now 'feasible' to install car park spaces within the Lido, and what has changed since then that has altered the council's opinion on this matter? Could you tell us please the dates on which these studies were done, who by, where the documentation is and we would like a copy of them as soon as possible.

Secondly, this letter was addressed to the residents of Reservoir Road, Dell Farm Road, Abercorn Grove and Lakeside Close. In April, these were the streets that the council consulted about parking. We are curious why, a few months later, our opinion has become an irrelevance to the council.

Yours sincerely

Carolyn Towner

On behalf of the Ruislip Lido Residents Group


Ruilsip Lido Residents Group Correspondence with Council about consultation and road safety

>>> Carolyn Towner <carolyn.towner@tesco.net> 21/01/2010 09:48 >>>
Dear Lyn Summers,

Thank you for providing this address to ask questions about the 
proposed Lido development.

Could I ask for clarification on one point that there seems to be 
confusion among the local residents.

Is there going to be a public consultation before any of these plans 
go any further? And if so, when will it take place and what format 
will it be?

Thanks again,


From: "RuislipLidoEnquiries" <RuislipLidoEnquiries@Hillingdon.Gov.UK>
Date: 22 January 2010 14:31:17 GMT
To: "Carolyn Towner" <carolyn.towner@tesco.net>
Subject: Re: Meetings

Dear Ms Towner
Thank you for your email, the Improvement Programme for the Lido will be a two year development and, at this early stage, the Council is considering a number of proposals that need to be fully worked up.
Some of the proposals, for example the new toilet block, will be implemented this year but others will be considered by the Council over the period.
In the meantime the Council intends to keep residents informed through 'Hillingdon People' and via the Management Advisory Group for Ruislip Lido. 
best regards
Lyn Summers
Project, Events & Improvement Officer
Planning and Community Services
3S/07 Civic Centre
High Street
Tel: 01895 556640

15 Feb 2010, at 11:14,
From: RuislipLidoEnquiries@Hillingdon.Gov.UK wrote:

Dear Ms Towner
Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the proposed parking area within the Lido.
As raised at the Management Advisory Group meeting on the 19th January 2010, the proposed parking within the Lido grounds is on the site where traditionally parking was allowed.
The scheme on show at the meeting was a proposal which will be fully investigated by traffic engineers before installation and any associated risks re-analysed to ensure due regard to the Council's health and safety obligations.
Yours sincerely
Lyn Summers
Lyn Summers
Project, Events & Improvement Officer
Planning and Community Services
3S/07 Civic Centre
High Street
Tel: 01895 556640

From: Carolyn Towner <carolyn.towner@tesco.net>
Date: 15 February 2010 13:01:27 GMT
To: RuislipLidoEnquiries@Hillingdon.Gov.UK
Subject: Re: Lido safety

Dear Ms Summers,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, we are aware that the proposed parking is on the site where traditionally parking was allowed. Many of my neighbours are long term residents here and remember where the previous parking area was.

We are also aware that it is the same area that your letter of last April told us "Studies have also shown that it would be unfeasible to install car park spaces within Ruislip Lido due to safety implications and potential pedestrian conflicts".

I believe your reply is saying that the investigations into the 'proposals' have not yet taken place? That you do not yet know whether it will be possible to have a large permanent car park in that location?

Thanks and best,

Carolyn Towner

For Ruislip Lido Residents Group


Ruislip Lido Improvement Update   Planning and Community Services  12th February 2010

Management Advisory Group Minutes 19th Feb 2010

Mervyn Hogg
40, Bury Street, Ruislip, HA4 7SU
Tel: 01895 638069 Mob: 07770 641645
Email: mervyn.hogg@blueyonder.co.uk

20th February 2010

The Editor,
Uxbridge Gazette,
Gazette House, 2nd Floor,
28, Bakers Road,

Dear Sir,

Re: Proposed Ruislip Lido Development

This week’s Gazette posed a significant question: “Why is council hell bent on spending 1.5m on facelift”.  Information about what is proposed is lacking in detail and thus far appears to have only been formally considered at a private meeting between a group which describes itself as the Lido Management Advisory Group and the Leader of Hillingdon Council, Councillor Puddifoot. The Ruislip Lido Residents group and a local environmental group are rightly raising concerns about a lack of openness around the proposals and presentation of plans.

Ruislip Lido with the surrounding areas of common land and woods is without doubt a glorious and beautiful area without parallel in north-west London. The rich habitat is a magnet for wild-life and provides an environment richly enjoyed by Ruislip residents and others from nearby areas. Great care is required to ensure these remain for many generations to come.

Hillingdon Council, unlike many others, is presently managing to contain costs and the level of local taxes but there is the possibility that this can only be sustained by diminution in services, reduction in resources and redundancies. When money is tight then the priority for the staff and council of Hillingdon must be to secure and maintain essential core services.

Whilst the Ruislip Lido Railway is an attractive facility enjoyed by many, especially those who run it, it is not a vital service and almost certainly should not be a candidate for council funding when set against service reductions to meet budget targets.  In contrast the provision of clean and adequate toilets and changing facilities (if the water is safe to swim in) are essential for the comfort of visitors to this area.

Part of the proposal is understood to be to increase car parking at the Lido, possibly by building over a field adjacent to the current car park. Once done this would destroy a prime piece of greenbelt and set an appalling precedent for the future.  Increasing car parking will only create more insatiable demand and further calls to cover more land in the future. Just remember that the demand for more and more land to be turned into roads has happened in around 40 years. Local residents undoubtedly suffer on any sunny weekend with the large influx of cars.  Reservoir Road, the main access to the Lido is narrow. Providing more parking will only exacerbate problems and is to be discouraged. Alternative solutions are required that are green and environmentally friendly created through strongly encouraging people to walk, cycle or use public transport. For example some kind of park and ride scheme operating at weekends from elsewhere in Ruislip and Northwood might be created.

With full and proper consideration it may be that at this time of constraint the right options are to “Do nothing” or at the very least to “Defer the project”.  Quasi-secret discussions between councillors and unelected groups simply will not do. The democratic and right way forward with such a project is for there to an open consultation in which ideas can be harvested and considered by all.  It may take longer but done well it will yield a good result accepted by the majority. Councillor Puddifoot please will you serve the people who elected you by arranging a good wide-ranging public consultation?

Yours truly

Mervyn Hogg

From: Cllr Michael Cox [mailto:mcox@Hillingdon.Gov.UK]
Sent: 08 March 2010 17:37
To: Leader of the Council; Cllr Philip Corthorne; carolyn.towner@tesco.net
Cc: yatespr@gmail.com; Cllr Brian Crowe; Cllr John Riley; vickytaz31@hotmail.com; p@petersilverman.com; dancoombs@trinitysouth.co.uk
Subject: Re: Re Hillingdon People

Dear Cllr Puddifoot

Please also note that Ruislip Residents Association Executive Committee have asked myself and Cllr Crowe to pass on their request for this matter to be subject to full public consultation.

I trust this is all in order

Yours Sincerely

Mike Cox

Councillor for Manor ward in Ruislip
Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

Carolyn Towner <carolyn.towner@tesco.net> 08/03/10 5:16 PM >>>

Mr Puddifoot/Mr Corthorne,

The Ruislip Lido Residents Group would like to make an official complaint to the Council of the London Borough of Hillingdon about the  'article' in this month's Hillingdon People.

Conspicuous by its absence was mention of the public consultation we  have asked for.

Conspicuous by its absence was any mention of the fact that many people simply do not want these developments, not because of increased 
parking and anti-social behaviour but because they believe the Lido  has more to offer without them.

And lastly, the most offensive, two published letters which state thus:

"Please do not be put off by those who simply fear change and seem to  object to everything just for the sake of it".

"I look forward to seeing the proposed plans and hope that the fears  of the few may be overcome with the benefits that will be right on 
their doorstep".

For such things to be published in a council produced magazine is an  outrage and insult to those of us who have valid concerns.

You are both well aware that the objections are not from fear of  change, nor do we object to all or even most of these plans. And over  1200 people is hardly 'a few'.

It is abundantly clear that the only residents you listen to are those who already agree with you.

Those who disagree with your plans are denied a voice and we are insulted and abused by the magazine produced by those who are supposed  to 'represent the people'.

This article shows in what contempt you hold the residents of this  area, and how little regard you have for our opinions. It shows how 
you are prepared to abuse your power, and how far you will go to  manipulate the uninformed.


Carolyn J Towner
Chair, Ruislip Lido Residents Group


From: Hillingdon-Watch [mailto:petersilverman@hillingdon-watch.org.uk]
Sent: 11 March 2010 12:19
To: Ray Puddifoot (Leader LBH)
Cc: Vicky Brownlee (Chair Friends Of Ruislip Lido); Carolyn Towner (Ruislip Lido Residents Group); Cllr Philip Corthorne; Cllr. Mike Cox ( LHB Leader Lib Dems); Peter Lansdown (peter.lansdown@btinternet.com)
Subject: Plans For Ruislip Lido - Consultaion

Dear Mr Puddifoot,

I wish to add my voice to those who have expressed concerns about the way in which your plans for Ruilsip Lido are being carried forward  and in particular about the Council’s approach to consultation.

Prior to your announcement of the plans at the Ruilsip Lido Management Advisory Group meeting on 19th January no consultation whatsoever seems to have taken place with stakeholders.  The Friends of Ruislip Lido had not been consulted, nor had local Councillors,  the Ruislip Residents Association and  the Ruislip Lido Railway.  One person who had however been involved in discussions was a gentleman who attended the Friends Of Ruislip Lido meeting on 20th January who said that his company had met with the Council about running boating on the lake.

The Ruilsip Lido Residents Group subsequently asked the Council if there was going to be public consultation before any of these plans went any further and, if so, what form it would take.  The Council’s reply made no mention the word “consultation” but said that “..the Council intends to keep residents informed through 'Hillingdon People' and via the Management Advisory Group..”.  Apparently we are going to be kept informed but not consulted.

The article in the March/April People Magazine includes under “what you told us” three positive comments from those in favour but made no mention of the 1,000 plus people who signed petitions expressing concerns about the plans and calling for proper public consultation. The good news is that the plan to reintroduce boating now seems to have been downgraded to something that is just  being considered. 

Nobody is against the improvements to the toilets but the other proposals need to be worked on with interested parties, in particular but not exclusively, with the Friends of Ruilsip Lido, the Ruislip Lido Railway and the Ruislip Lido Residents Group.  Mr Puddifoot, that means listening and taking advantage of their local knowledge and their ideas and not just informing them of what you have decided.

I hope this is of help.
Peter Silverman
20 Kingsend, Ruislip, HA4 7DA
01895 625770

Ruislip Lido page

Gazette letters page 24th March 2010


Friends Of Ruislip Lido April 2010

Dear Friends,

I am writing to update you with the most recent information from the council and the action we have taken.  As you are aware every member of the ‘Friends’ were asked their views on each of the proposals; the response was amazing with approximately 90% returning their forms.  Some of the topics, such as fishing, did not get a strong feeling one way or the other. You were strongly in favour of the toilets, supporting the railway and an improved woodlands centre. You were strongly against all boating, charges for non-residents and parking within the environs of the Lido. What this did was to ensure that the committee represents the membership, working for you and not just giving our own views.

We have now had two meetings with Mr Puddifoot.  The first was only with the ‘Friends’ and a representative from 'Lido local residents'. This gave us an opportunity to voice your views and ensure the council were aware of some specific concerns.  For instance they want to put in wireless CCTV but had not researched the impact on the bat community. This will now be looked into before the proposal goes forward. Also, that regardless of which of the proposals are completed, we need more staff and security at the Lido. As a result of this meeting we wrote a letter to every councillor and our MP to gather support. We also contacted numerous wildlife and woodland charities. We assured the council that we want to work with them and are supportive of a lot of their plans.

The second meeting was with the members of the MAG.  During this we were shown plans for the toilets and changing rooms, we were assured that these would be of good quality, hard wearing and the proposed building would be wooden clad to make it more sympathetic to the area.  Mr Puddifoot has agreed to add the rain shelters and extra dog dirt bins onto the list.  He is having a meeting with the railway to see how they can be helped.

There is an Environmental Report being conducted into the water level and quality, which will be completed by the 14th April and we will be informed of the results.  On the point of the water level, the council did not let out water during the winter.  This has led to the water being too high and it being left until February before water has been let out.  Our concern is not what level the water is but when the level is dropped as it is vital that the water is kept at a constant level during the Frog and Toad spawning period. The council have over the past three years ignored these pleas, however Mr Puddifoot has agreed to protect this vital ecological balance of the Lido.

Until the council have the results of the Environmental Report, they cannot consider swimming and boating, as it may not be feasible. They are aware of our concerns, which are mainly on safety grounds and the impact on the environment.

We are committed to working with the council; to advise them and ensure you views and opinions are heard and responded to.  We will campaign, get petitions and lobby MP's as required and as the plans unfold but, I must emphasise that at this stage we are told nothing is set in stone except the toilets and changing rooms.  I can assure you we are keeping on top of this.  

Please do keep an eye on our website Mark regularly updates this and there is a link to ‘Q & A’s’ asked of the council.  I apologise if anyone has been trying our phone I have now had to buy a new one and it will be up and running by the time you get this letter (same number as before).  I will be sending you a note soon for a date for the AGM and look forward to seeing you then.

Vicky Brownlee
Vicky Brownlee
Chair Friends of Ruislip Lido

07804626007 OR  www.friendsofruisliplido.net


E-mail to Nick Hurd 23/05/2010


Friends Of Ruislip Lido in action


From: Hillingdon-Watch [mailto:petersilverman@hillingdon-watch.org.uk]
Sent: 23 May 2010 17:29
To: Nick Hurd (MP For Ruilsip Northwood)
Cc: Vicky Brownlee (Chair Friends Of Ruislip Lido); Ray Puddifoot (Leader LBH); Carolyn Towner (Ruislip Lido Residents Group); (Graham Westley - Chair R. Lido R'way)
Subject: Ruislip Lido - Volunteering in action

Nick, I thought you might be interested in seeing the  attached photos of Sunday’s litter pick at Ruislip Lido.

You must be even more keenly aware in your new ministerial role i/c volunteering  that the Lido is home to  two long standing voluntary groups namely the Friends Of Ruislip Lido and the Ruislip Lido Railway Society

What a pity:

1. The Council does not involve both organisations and local residents more closely in their plans for the Lido.  The Council’s refusal to provide copies of the recent environment report to the Friends and to the Ruislip Lido Residents Association is typical of their un-co-operative attitude.  It is also of course a breach of the Environmental Information Regulations.

2. Priority is not given to increasing the Council staff at the Lido to support the excellent work being done by Sean Barr, the Lido Ranger, instead of just focusing on capital investment.  You can see from the photos the littered state of the car park and beach which presented itself to visitors arriving on Sunday morning at 9.00 am.  There is a history at the Lido of infrastructure investment not being followed up with the appropriate revenue investment.

I hope this was of interest.

Peter Silverman
01896 625770

From: Leader of the Council <Leader@Hillingdon.Gov.UK>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 19:14:02 +0100
Cllr Brian Crowe <BCrowe@Hillingdon.Gov.UK>, Cllr John Riley <JRiley@Hillingdon.Gov.UK>, Cllr Philip Corthorne <PCorthorne@Hillingdon.Gov.UK>
Subject: Re: Lakeside Close and the weekend 22nd and 23rd May

We are planning to increase the car parking available to Lido users asap. Some people have objected to this but I will ensure that we now proceed as fast as possible. The case for additional parking is obvious regardless of what improvements are undertaken to Lido facilities.Thank you for drawing this to my attention.
Ray Puddifoot