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Yeading Tesco

Local campaigner Gay Brown says:

Are you aware that Tesco have applied yet again to extend hours at Yeading Store in Glencoe Road, currently open till 9 pm, to 24 x 7? 

The Bull's Bridge Store is less than a mile away and is open 24 x 7.  Unlike the Yeading store, which can only be accessed through residential roads, the Bull's Bridge store is in an industrial estate accessed almost directly off the M4.

They frequently break the delivery ban period on .  This was the number one condition imposed by the Inspector when granting permission, against the Council's wishes, for the current late opening times.  It is the only protection the residents have.

I live in Otterfield Road with a Tesco Metro at the end of the road and know what it is like to have continual vibration and noise disturbance through the night from their delivery vehicles doing 45 mph. over speed humps.  Again we have an agreement with the Store Management and LBH that no lorries come or go between 22.30 and 6.45 .  They continually break that agreement as well. 

So please send your objections to LBH’s Head of Planning, Jean Palmer  at  jpalmer@hillingdon.Gov.UK   This will help the Council gather evidence to make the case against 24 x 7 opening at Glencoe Road and so protect residents.