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21st August    Information Commisioner to monitor all Freedom of Information requests to LBH    Details

20th Aug 2010    “Council staff waste two-thirds of their day”  Details


15th Aug 2010   “Biancogate” - Review  committee urged to consider investigation    Details

15th Aug 2010   Yiewsley Pool - Council  overides petitioners   Details

8th Aug 2010   Concerns expressed over High Speed Link and Heathrow Hub    Details

3rd Aug 2010     “Biancogate” -  committee says Iceland false statement was not deliberate.    Details

3rd Aug 2010   Outcry over Council’s refusal to let autism sufferer return home    Details
2nd Aug 2010   Staff cuts in Green Spaces   Details
2nd Aug 2010    Rats at Ruislip Lido Pub  Details

21st July 2010     Gazette: “Council paranoid over Lido report”   Details

19th July 2010    Biancogate - Council refuse to release complaint report   Details

10th July 2010    Oppose 24 x 7 opening of Tesco’s Yeading store
8th July 2010    Complaint made to Information Commissioner over failure to release Lido report

7th July 2010    1,000 sign petition to keep Yiewsly pool open     Details

7th July 2010    Cllr Bianco reported to Standards Committe over Iceland claim    Details 

1st July 2010    Council admit to having one of lowest spends on street cleaning    Details
23rd June 2010   Litter - Hillingdon in relegation zone - only motorists fined for littering   Details

23rd June 2010  Local man takes Minister to Court to get M40 cleaned   Details

5th June 2010   Minister:
Councils must slim down bloated pay packets”   Details

2nd June 2010     Council goes into reverse at Lido petition hearing      Details

31st May 2010   Council in breach of law by failing to release Lido environment report      Details

31st May 2010   Petition against boating and new car park at Ruislip Lido    Details

28th May 2010    Leader Ray Puddifoot has decided to go ahead with New Lido Car Park    Details

23rd May 2010   Nick Hurd MP advised of  lack of consultation and need for more staff at Lido    Details


20th May 2010   
Cllr Bianco fails to explain claims over Iceland investments      Details

20th May 2010    Demand grows to see blocked Lido report     Details

19th May 2010     Planning error leads to recriminations   Details

13th May 2010   Council fail to release promised environmental report on Ruislip Lido    Details

6th May 2010    Competence of LBH Legal Services again questioned     Details


4th May 2010     Regulator points to “systemic non-compliance”  with Freedom of Information Act  Details  
d May 2010
    141 officers earn over 50,000, 11 over 100,000 pa    Details

1st May 2010     Lido Friends await report on water level quality      Details

28th April 2010   Council asked to clarify policy on rubbish behind shops    Details


26th April 2010 
Council’s deposits with an Icelandic bank were made after “negative rating outlook”

Opportunity to withdraw funds not taken.

Council’s claim that their external Auditors, Deloittes, had exonerated them is untrue


6th April 2010   Borough has worst record in London for providing affordable housing accoring to Shelter  See league table and Gazette article

6th April 2010  
Friends of Ruilsip Lido members in favour of new toilets, help for the railway and an improved Woodland Centre, but against boating, charges for non-residents and parking proposals.

More on site staff and better security called for.

Environmental Report into the water level and quality  by 14th April.

31st March 2010    We do not have to toe party lineNothwood Hills Independents Details at Gazette

25th March 2010        Council again referred to to Information Commission’s enforcers      Details

25th March 2010   Ruislip Lido Railway Society kept in dark over Council’s Lido plans    Details

24th March 2010    No one fined for dropping litter  on the pavement in Jan and Feb    Details

18th March 2010    Cabinet members attempt to discredit  innocent Lib Dem nursery school principal backfires      Details at Hillingdon Chat

16th March 2010     Pay off to previous  Chief Executive being looked into  Details


15th March 2010     Audit Commission criticises payments to Council Chief Executives  Details

15th March 2010      Councillor resigns over Council’s misleading claims. Auditor’s answer not minuted   Details

11th March 2010      Letter to Ray Puddifoot about lack of consultation on Ruislip Lido   Details

10th March 2010       15.7 million of our money still lost in Iceland   Details


5th March 2010    Questions raised over competence of LBH Legal and Democratic Services   Details

20th February 2010     Widespread concern over top Council pay and pensions    Details

15th February 2010     Council admit they did not reassess road safety risks before drawing up Ruislip Lido development plans   Details

5th February 2010      Council tenant questions legality of Hillingdon Homes consultation process. Details

4th February 2010     Council had stated in April that expanding parking at Ruislip Lido would not be safe  Details


2nd February 2010      Questions raised about Council’s plans for Ruislip Lido    Details

2nd February 2010     “Tougher action” on littering only lasted 2 months   Details

26th Jan 2010       Handling of Freedom of Information complaints in chaos  Details

25th Jan 2010       Plans to close Hillingdon Homes not scrutinised and lack any business plan   Details

15th Jan 2010       No additional manpower allocated to “tougher” anti litter campaign.    Details
14th Jan 2010       Council tone down efficiency claims following Hillingdon Watch complaints    Details


10th Jan 2010       Council decision to kill off Hillingdon Homes is unfair.   Details

11th Dec 2009       Council reject directly elected Mayor for Hillingdon.  Cllr Cox criticises flawed and inadequate
consultation  Details

7th Dec 2009      Auditors: “Council’s costs lie above average in all areas”  “Understanding of costs and achieving efficiencies  - only minimum requirements met.   Details

13th Nov 2009       Most efficient Council in London ?? Details

6th Nov 2009       Misleading information - complaint dismissed out of hand by Chief Executive  Details

5th Nov 2009       Council adopt proposals to opt for new style Leader & Cabinet model  Details

2nd Nov 2009       Formal complaint sent to Hugh Dunnachie, LBH Chief Executive, about the misleading information provided to Councillors by Council Officers on the future Governance of the Council   Details

30th Oct 2009       Cllr Sandra Jenkins Cabinet  Member for the Environment fails to explain how she reconciles the promise to take tougher action against litter droppers without any commitment to more manpower on the streets levying the fines. Details

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